About Biz Dogo

Originally from New Zealand, and now living and working in the UK, I’m a consultant and entrepreneur with 12+ years experience in creating sustainable business growth.

We have developed a fledgeling organisation into an industry-leading business. We helped a local restaurant become a TripAdvisor top pick and quadruple its turnover along the way. We have worked in both marketing and operations, as managers, directors and investors, leading teams large and small.

Here at Biz Dogo, we know how exciting and demanding it is to watch your own business grow – because we’ve done it. We have built a number of our own businesses from the ground up. We founded PamperPad.com in 2014, and built it into a trusted resource for consumers to find beauty and wellness professionals in their area. We designed PamperPad for businesses as well as consumers, helping professionals to market their services through an innovative rating system.

As founders and investors, we are familiar with the ins and outs of nurturing a business: accessing funding, dealing with outside agencies, hiring freelancers, and collaborating with industry experts.

Our passion? Sharing what we have learned about building a successful business through my mentoring and coaching services. For our clients, we are here to bounce ideas off of and are people they can turn to for experience, ideas and advice.

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